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Prevent Engine Overheating

Engine overheating is a major cause of vehicle breakdown, often resulting in permanent damage yet it is entirely preventable with Evans Waterless Coolants.

Common causes of engine overheating

The most common reason for engine overheating is coolant boil-over, when the boiling-point of the liquid coolant is exceeded and it turns to steam (vaporises). Water-based engine coolants are prone to boil and vaporise under the following conditions.

Air-flow is restricted

Air-flow can become restricted when stuck in traffic or the radiator is clogged with mud etc. Overheating caused by restrictions to air flow increase with vehicle age and mileage. It can be a particular problem for older cars that weren’t designed to cope with the stop start nature of modern traffic.

Coolant-flow is restricted

Blocked radiator channels, corrosion and eroded pump impellers can all cause restriction to the flow of coolant. If the coolant can’t flow efficiently it becomes harder to off load heat through the radiator. Coolant-flow issues become more common as vehicles gets older and mileage increases.

High engine load

The harder the engine has to work the hotter it gets. When running at high speeds or under high load , such as when towing, can cause engines to overheat.

Ambient temperature

When air temperature is high during summer or in tropical climates, it becomes much harder to offload heat through the radiator.

Never overheat again

Evans coolants have a boiling point greater than 180°C, compared with 104°C for 50-50 water-based coolants. Evans high boiling point guarantees the waterless coolant remains in liquid form and does not vaporise - thus eliminating overheating.

Evans cooled engines always achieve thermal equilibrium (heat balance) with the ambient air and run perfectly well at temperatures between 105 - 115°C.

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